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Virginia is for Lovers

Image: Virginia Tourism Corporation, www.Virginia.org

There is so much to love about Virginia, the birthplace of the United States of America.

Virginia has been using the ‘Virginia is for Lovers’ slogan since 1969, and it still works to attract people to America’s Old Dominion, which is one of its official state nicknames.

What exactly is there to love about Virginia?

To start with, the history. Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in the Americas when the English adventures set up home there on 13 May 1607. To understand what colonial life was like, visit historic Williamsburg, which re-creates 18th-century everyday life. Here you’ll experience rare animal breeds, historic trades, and lovingly restored gardens that add layers of authenticity to your Colonial Williamsburg visit. 

Lovers of beaches and marine activities journey to Virginia. With the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean on its doorstep, and an Indian Summer extending the swimming season, places such as Virginia Beach attract vacationers in their thousands.

If the love of the outdoors is part of your interests, you are in for a real treat. The start encompasses one-quarter of America’s famous Appalachian Trail, which is known as a hiker’s paradise. You’ll be stunned by the absolute beauty of the Shenandoah National Park with its waterfalls, mountain peaks, cabins, campgrounds and wonderful scenic drives.

Image: Virginia Tourism Corporation, www.Virginia.org

You will absolutely love to tuck into a great meal in Virginia. Chesapeake Bay Oysters are renowned for their succulence.  For the freshest of produce, the state’s many farmer’s markets will have you salivating at the seasonal produce that is sold in many of Virginia’s towns on weekends. Foodies flock to Virginia to dine in that state’s best restaurants to enjoy prime produce produced by brilliant chefs. Taste the state on the plate is a wonderful way of getting to appreciate it.

For those who do love a little tipple, Virginia has over 300 wineries, wine trails, wine tours, and, of course, lots of places to taste locally made wines. Beer lovers, craft breweries are popular. Hundred of them! Make every type of conceivable brew so that making your choice is your toughest chore. America’s first whiskey was made in Virginia, and it’s the home of Moonshine. Now that stuff is legal, so you can try genuine moonshine without the need to hide it.

Virginia is a compact state, you can drive across it in four hours, but with so much going for it. Many of those Washington D.C. attractions, such as Arlington Cemetery and the Pentagon are actually located in Virginia. Much of America’s military history took place in Virginia. The Revolutionary War began there as well at the Civil War.  The military historian will love it.

To truly understand America, visitors should visit Virginia. A state that will continually surprise and delight. You’ll love it.

For more visit virginia.org

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