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Oita Prefecture Japan

Nestled into the western end of the Seto Inland Sea on the North-East coast of Kyushu Island in Japan is the extraordinary Oita Prefecture. Here you’ll discover a varied and lush countryside that ranges from intricately eroded coastlines dotted with islands, peninsulas and inlets and, famously, the sweeping Beppu Bay.  Enjoy coastal plains and elegant valleys...

Overview: Fukuoka

Fukuoka Prefecture is the gateway to Kyushu, Japan’s third-largest island. The prefecture is made up of four regions: Fukuoka, including Fukuoka City, Chikuho, Kitakyushu, and Chikugo.  The prefecture has so much to offer, from breathtaking scenery, fascinating history and incredible outdoor adventure beaches to hot springs, fresh seafood and a fusion of...