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Tiger Safari in India

An eerie silence blankets the jungle, it has frozen in time.  We are waiting, hoping to hear the warning call of the Spotted Deer, alerting us to a tiger nearby.   There it is, and suddenly we’re off, hurtling along in our open-air jeep.  We round a corner and come to a screeching halt behind another jeep reversing up the track.  Mid way through...

Historic Fort Cochin in Kerala, India

Kerala is located on the south west corner of India and the city of Cochin, or Kochi, as it is also called, is located on a peninsula bordering the Laccadive Sea, which is part of the Arabian Sea. Fort Cochin, a suburb of Kochi, this situated on the southern shore of the entrance to Cochin Harbour. A really charming town, Fort Kochi has an interesting European...