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Sweden Larger than Life

Image: Ulf Grünbaum/Imagebank.sweden.se

Sweden is the largest country in Scandinavia and within its borders, you’ll find beautiful cities, outstanding landscapes, contemporary designs and people who know how to enjoy life.

In Sweden, they keep their traditions alive whilst embracing modernity. 

The Swedes have left their mark on the world through the furniture company IKEA, the music of ABBA, and one of the world’s highest standards of living.  According to the official Better Life Index, Swedes are more satisfied with their lives than the OECD average.  In fact, Sweden ranks above the average in all dimensions: environmental quality, civic engagement, education and skills, work-life balance, health status, subjective well-being, income and wealth, jobs and earnings, housing, personal safety, and social connections. 

Which makes it a pretty good place to visit.

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The capital city, Stockholm, is a remarkable city that is built upon 14 islands where Lake Malaren flows into the Baltic Sea. The city boasts a historic old town, called Gamla stan, where you can wander through the medieval streets. The city is crowded with over 100 museums, with the latest, and very popular, being the ABBA Museum.  The Vasa Museum, which explores Sweden’s maritime history, and the National Museum are another two of the city highlights.

Gothenburg is Sweden’s second-largest city and is situated on the West Coast of the country in the area of Kattegat, where the Baltic Sea drains into the North Sea. It is a university city and home to one of the other well known Swedish brands Volvo. There are a lot of parks and gardens within the city, including the amusement park Liseberg, which is well known for its wooden roller coaster.

Sweden has a great transport system, so getting around the country is quite easy.

Northern Sweden is famous for its midnight sun in Summer and Northern Lights in Winter.  It is also home to the indigenous Sami People who are famous for their reindeer herding.

Image: Asaf Kliger/imagebank.sweden.se

Central Sweden, where Stockholm is located, Dalarna is the place to go for a traditional Midsummer celebration, whereas Värmland, in the West, allows you to encounter the wildlife in its natural habitat.

Many Swedes holiday in the south of the country.  The islands of Öland and Gotland are sprinkled with historical sites, unique nature and local flavours. In Skåne, you’ll find yellow canola fields and the locally grown produce that the region is renowned for the forward-thinking city of Malmö features some of Sweden’s most progressive cuisine. On the west coast, the city of Gothenburg and the surrounding archipelago, offer seafood, outdoor adventures and stunning views.

Sweden is a place offering history, culture, adventure, fabulous cuisine, spectacular landscapes and amazing experiences. It’s a worthy addition to your bucket list.

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