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Successful Seattle

Image: Port of Seattle

Seattle, Washington is a water city that’s sequestered between the Salish Sea (also known as Puget Sound) to its west and Lake Washington to its east.

The city of Seattle is also located close to volcanoes, including magnificent Mt Rainier and the less predictable Mt St Helens.  Meaning that Seattle is a very attractive place.  It’s an uplifting and very independent city where initiative and inspiration absolutely thrives amongst its population.

The city has even been called eccentric because motivated people with great ideas are encouraged there.  The home of Amazon, Expedia, Microsoft, Starbucks, Costco and many more, proves that Seattle is a place where genius is encouraged.  Where dreams can come true.

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Seattle positively welcomes visitors!  One of the best ways to experience the best of Seattle is with a Seattle CityPass, which gives you entrance to five major attractions, including the city’s Space Needle and Seattle Aquarium, as well as a choice of three more such as Woodland Park Zoo and The Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP).

Why MoPOP? Well, when it comes to music, Seattle really does impress.

Image: Port of Seattle

The city is the home of musical greats such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Ray Charles, Quincy Jones and a genius with the guitar Jimi Hendrix. No matter what era or genre of music is your passion, visiting MoPOP is an absolute must.

To get great views of the city, head up to Kerry Park to admire Elliott Bay and downtown Seattle.  On a good day (because it does rain a lot in Seattle) you’ll see Mt Rainier dominating the horizon. Dusk on a clear day is a magical time to visit the lookout.

For a true insight into the vibrance of a city, you should get to know its neighbourhoods. Waterfront on Elliott Bay boasts the Seattle Aquarium and historic Pier 62 that has been revitalised into an open space where they host a range of cultural, educational, and recreational programs all year long. 

Nearby Belltown boasts the Olympic Sculpture Park and a vast array of boutiques, galleries, cafes, nightclubs and also access to a beach.

Ballard was once a sleepy fishing town that has morphed into a trendy hot spot where you can try craft beers, local wines and taste Seattle’s famous seafood and stroll through Golden Gardens Park to admire extraordinary views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. On a nice day sunbathe on a beach.

Image: Port of Seattle

Seattle is a cosmopolitan city that delights the visitor.  It is also a great place from which to begin and end an Alaskan Cruise or to discover Washington State by train.

Just as Seattle has inspired many of its residents to embrace greatness, it inspires first-time visitors to return for more fun enjoying this embracing city.

In this podcast, Steve Collins chats to Ron Peck, Director of Tourism Development, Port of Seattle

For more visit https://visitseattle.org/

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