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Stunning Banff Lake Louise

Image: Dan Evans

Famously located within the incredibly gorgeous Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, are the towns of Banff and Lake Louise.

Banff is Canada’s highest town and is located along the Trans-Canada Highway just 126 km west of Calgary and 58 km east of Lake Louise, in the midst of the Canadian Rockies.

Banff is best known for its hot springs and excellent skiing and snowboarding within minutes of the town centre. So close, in fact, that locals are known to get a few runs down Mt Norquay’s slopes during their lunch breaks through the extended ski season.

During winter, people skate along Bow River, and in summer those skates are swapped for a canoe and a different kind of thrill. Hiking, biking and climbing are all popular during the warmer months and, being a resort town, Banff has great accommodation, pubs and restaurants plus great shopping for those who want to be fully prepared for the action during all the seasons.

Lake Louise is about a 40-minute drive from Banff, and this is truly a breathtaking destination.

A glacial lake that is famous throughout the world for its deep turquoise colour, that hue is achieved by rock flour. These are ultra-small particles that have been ground down by glaciers so the rock flour floats suspended in the water.

Image: Paul Zizka

The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is perhaps Canada’s most famous hotel, and, certainly its most picturesque.  

In winter the Lake Louise Ski Resort is very popular as skiers enjoy its legendary 1,700 skiable hectares of world-class terrain and wonderfully powdery snow. Situated at the apex of the Canadian Rockies, skiers enjoy the most breathtaking views whilst negotiating endless chutes, glades and gullies, gentle slopes, cruising runs, remote bowls and some of the most challenging terrain in the Rockies. 

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For non-skiers, the Gondola journey is a spectacular trip.  In Summer, you can see Grizzly Bears from a safe distance whilst simultaneously admiring the nearby peaks and abundant forests.  During Fall, the larch trees turn a vibrant yellow as the temperature cools to herald the winter.

Banff Lake Louise enjoys four distinct seasons and there are many activities available throughout each season.

Both places cater heavily for tourists with restaurants, bars, pubs, shops and activities a-plenty no matter what time of year you visit. If you are an international visitor, you won’t need a car to get you around. Just use the Roam Public Transit Travel Pass and let them do the driving for you.

Banff Lake Louise is such an outstanding place to visit you find great difficulty in leaving. That’s okay because so many visitors get completely smitten so return to experience other great adventures.

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