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Sam Chui – the world’s most popular aviation YouTuber

Image: Sam Chui

Sam Chui is possibly the world’s most popular aviation enthusiast.

In 1999, Chui started a website, publishing photos of aircraft. It has since expanded to include current events regarding aviation.

In 2007, he started his YouTube channel and became well-known. Some of his videos gathered an excess of 60 million views. Sam has travelled to over 100 countries and flown over 2000 flights. He normally travels more than 300,000 air miles every year to test out flights and share his reviews.

Sam Chui has flown on 240 airlines and 180 aircraft types. He has flown New York to London on Concorde, landed on a glacier in New Zealand, visited Lukla in Nepal and taken the longest non-stop flight from Singapore to Newark. He was the sole passenger aboard the world’s only privately-owned Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Sam Chui received his Private Pilot License in the USA in July 2021.

Sam has written four books and has won many awards for his aviation photos. There are 2.6 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

For a transcript f the complete Sam Chui interview please go here: https://www.tellmewhere2go.com/transcripts/


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