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Rotorua Canopy Tours

Rotorua Canopy Tours takes you on a journey through a prehistoric native forest while engaging in essential conservation work. As you explore the canopy by flying on a network of ziplines, swing bridges, cliff-walks, treetop platforms and more, you will also learn about the need to protect the area and what threatens it.

Since Rotorua Canopy Tours started, they have been taking guests on an experience so bold that adventure, education, conservation, natural beauty and people would collide to create an experience. The forest provides the magic setting – the ziplines, swing bridges, cliff walkways and other features were simply a way to experience it.

Guided by two knowledgeable and experienced kiwi guides, who not only keep you safe but make you laugh, and bring the forest to life as you become part of the forest restoration story.

As you are guided through the forest floor to start the rise into the canopy, your guides explain the essential conservation work that happens in the area. This includes trapping and removing feral pests to encouraging natural wildlife to return.

Today, Rotorua Canopy Tours has worked to trap over 250ha of the forest. They have seen amazing results with a decline in feral animals, and the trees have been able to restore and flourish. Native animals are returning, including long-tailed cuckoo -koekoeā, rare striped skink, tom tit and North Island robin. This work is achieved through the tourism product and from the guests that come and experience the canopy tours.

The Canopy Tours

There are two canopy tours to choose from. The Original Canopy Tour takes you deep into the ancient native forest in small groups, of up to 10 people. Experience New Zealand like it once was from the top of the forest canopy. It is the shorter of the two experiences and includes:

  • 6 ziplines – total 600m of ziplining
  • 2 swingbridges
  • 3-hour adventure zipline Rotorua
  • Free photos!
  • Small group experience
  • Perfect for all ages (6 +)
  • Fun and educational

The Ultimate Canopy Tour is the ultimate Rotorua ziplining adventure – higher, longer and more spectacular than the award-winning Original Canopy Tour. Not for the faint of heart, this Rotorua ziplining experience is a step up in adventure level and incorporates some incredible new features that will blow you away. It includes:

  • 3.5-hour Rotorua ziplining adventure
  • Amazing Kiwi guides
  • 400 metre tandem zipline
  • 6 ziplines – Total 1200m of ziplines
  • Free photos!
  • 50-metre-high cliff walkway
  • 3 suspended swing bridges
  • 18-metre-high controlled descent
  • Suitable for 10 years +

For more visit canopytours.co.nz

The Details

Address: 147 Fairy Springs Road, Rotorua

Phone: Rotorua Toll free (within NZ) – 0800 CANOPY (226679) or +64 (0) 7 343 1001

Email: [email protected]