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Mykines the remotest part of the remote Faroe Islands

Image: Oda Andreasen

The Faroe Islands are a far-flung autonomous territory of the Kingdom of Denmark, located in the North Atlantic Ocean about halfway before Norway and Iceland.  There are 18 inhabited islands in the chain, and Mykines is the furthest west of these.  In winter, the only way to get there is by helicopter.

In fact, Oda Andreasen, from Go Local, who runs tours on Mykines told me that her groceries are delivered by helicopter in winter. That’s what I call a great service.

When I spoke to Oda there were only 11 inhabitants on Mykines, but 40 houses in total. The majority of these are holiday houses to other Faroese who truly want to get away from it all in Summer.  Winter must be truly harsh, as the houses all have turf roofs.  I’ve never mowed a roof, and I doubt the Mykinese do either.  Their sheep can do that.

During the short summer season from May until August, you can reach Mykines by ferry.

There are no cars on Mykines, so the preferred method of transport is legs.  Visitors do need a tour guide, such as Oda, because the island has a massive bird population, including large colonies of puffins. The puffins dig tunnels in which to lay their eggs, and the guides ensure that visitors stick to the paths so as not to inadvertently tread on those precious eggs.

Image: Oda Andreasen

This remote island is simply stunning!

It is surrounded by precipitous cliffs which plunge straight down to the wild North Atlantic seas. A breeze on Mykines would be considered as a gale anywhere else.  In fact, the winds can roar with such ferocity the local lighthouse is actually tied down with cables.

There is a small pub on the island, and accommodation is limited to guest houses. The benefit is that you really do enjoy a local experience.

Mykines is an ideal place for those with a sense of adventure who truly do like to get off the beaten track.  If you are a bird lover, it is Nirvana. If you seek comfortable isolation, you will find it.

There is nothing contrived about Mykines.  It is a brilliant place for those who do seek adventure, to be at one with nature, and who desire to enjoy the company of locals and experience a lifestyle that is quite unique, yet fascinating.

For more visit: golocalguide.fo/en