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Monaco Oceanographic Museum

Credit: M.Dagnino

The Oceanographic Institute, Prince Albert I of Monaco Foundation was founded by Prince Albert I, a passionate and visionary seafarer. Recognised as serving the public interest by the French presidential decree on 16 May 1906, the Foundation has been working for the Ocean for more than a century.

To promote the knowledge, love and protection of the Ocean, it brings together people from the worlds of politics, science, economics and associations and the general public. Managed by a Board of Directors assisted by a Scientific Council, it carries out its mission of environmental outreach via its two facilities, its international influence and the support of its partners.

Since last summer, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is hosting the new IMMERSION exhibition: diving without getting wet in the middle of the natural resources of the Great Barrier Reef.

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Written by an international team of designers, in close collaboration with the Oceanographic Museum and its partners, as well as divers and biologists, the experience is intended to be both entertaining and engaging.

The technologies used have a realistic and natural rendering thanks to the real-time projection system. It allows getting into the skin of a diver exploring his environment. On top of that, we can interact with the different marine species and make fascinating encounters!

The Oceanographic Museum, Monaco

Credit: Phillippe Fitte

Set against the mythical Rock of Monaco, the Oceanographic Museum is the “flagship” of the Foundation and raises awareness among more than 650,000 visitors per year. Beyond its remarkable architecture, it stands out for its world-renowned aquarium, its exhibition events and the alliance of art and science. A place of culture and exchange of ideas, where experiences in the protection of the Ocean are shared, the Oceanographic Museum organises and hosts international conferences. In 2019, a rescue Centre dedicated to marine species was added to the original building, strengthening its capacity for action and awareness.

Within its two institutions, the Oceanographic Institute welcomes politicians, scientists, NGOs, entrepreneurs and visitors with the same conviction and desire to share. Playing a federative role, it works to raise awareness, to convince and “recruit” as many people as possible to form a network of ambassadors for the protection of the Ocean.

Mobilising the senses makes visitors alert. Readier to integrate knowledge, they are also more readily aware. To the scientific data, the Oceanographic Institute adds fun and sensory activities, such as a virtual dive with Immerseave 360° or a session of discovery of the fauna and flora of the Mediterranean around a touch pool. Many workshops offered during the school holidays are specifically designed to raise awareness among Ocean Ambassadors, in particular, the “Club Oceano“ to reach further and encourage vocation.

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The Details

Musée océanographique de Monaco, Avenue Saint Martin, 98000 Monaco

Tel: +377 93 15 36 82

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