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Manitoba where Canada’s Heart Beats

Image: TravelManitoba

Canada is the second-largest country in the world, and right in its centre is the Province of Manitoba.

Manitoba is prairie country but, as you head north, it does turn into Arctic Tundra. The town of Churchill on the shores of Hudson’s Bay is famous for being the polar bear capital of the world.

In Churchill, you can board a gargantuan Tundra Buggy to go out searching for polar bears. This is one of the world’s most unique experiences, and if you want to stay out there, the Tundra Lodge Polar Bear Mobile Hotel, one of the world’s only, if not the only, hotel on wheels will provide you with a lifetime experience.

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Winnipeg is the Province’s capital. It’s a modern city in the south of Manitoba which is situated on the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. Known as the “Gateway to the West”, and is close to the enormous Lake Winnipeg.

Manitoba is reasonably flat and is home to over 100,000 lakes, so fishing and water sports are very popular there. About half of the Province is covered in forests. These consist of both boreal forests and small broadleaf forests.  It’s the sort of place where you can get well away from civilisation, if you so wish, to enjoy Manitoba’s serenity.

Image: JP Media Works Courtesy of TravelManitoba

There are some really interesting towns in Manitoba, Gimli being one of them.

Situated on the west side of Lake Winnipeg, Gimli was founded by Icelanders, and there is still a strong Icelandic culture there that manifests itself in the annual Icelandic Festival in which many participants don their Viking garb to engage in battle and hold boat races on the ice, for which they use brooms as oars.

Another unique town is Flin Flon, which is located on the border with Saskatchewan.  The town was named after a character in an obscure sci-fi novel. It’s no surprise, then, that Flin Flon is known for its many cultural events and a town mascot called Flinty.

Manitoba is not as well known as other Canadian Provinces, yet that is part of its charm.  The Province has a fascinating history, pays homage to its First Nations people by celebrating their culture, and the French Voyageurs who travel through the province in the 18th and 19th centuries as fur trappers and explorers who travelled by canoe.

Manitoba borders Wisconsin and North Dakota in the United States with Milwaukee as Winnipeg’s closest major city.  


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