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Kimberley Quest discover the breathtaking

Image: Kimberley Quest/Matt Fieldes

Kimberley Quest explores the bays and rivers of the remote Kimberley in Western Australia’s Northwest, and it’s a most unique and wonderful experience.

Kimberley Quest is a small cruise ship of nine cabins, catering for a maximum of 18 guests.  The vessel has a shallow draft, which allows it to navigate shallow waters to get up very close to the stunning waterfalls that drop from towering cliffs into the pristine waters of those remote waterways.

Based in both Broome, in the West Kimberley, and Wyndham in the East Kimberley, for extended periods during a nine-month cruise season Kimberley Quest provides one of the best ways to explore a part of Earth that very few people are privileged to experience.

The ship has an onboard helicopter so that guests can get panoramic views of the region from up high. There are also three smaller excursion tenders and a shaded fast boat for exploring the rivers and very shallow bays, or to get up close to reefs for both sightseeing and fishing.

A naturalist is also a permanent member of the crew, who takes guests on both land and water tours of the rivers and coastal areas, visits aboriginal rock art, and enhances passengers’ knowledge of the local flora and fauna.

Depending on the cruise, Kimberley Quest does visit all of the most amazing sites along the northern coastline.  Iconic places such as King George Falls, the Prince Regent River, Montgomery Reef, which is Australia’s largest inshore reef, the amazing Horizontal Falls which change direction according to the tides.

Image: Kimberley Quest/Aeroture

The helicopter will transport guests inland to the Mitchell Falls, a massive four-tiered waterfall that has a reputation for being Australia’s most beautiful waterfall.

The vessel has a magnificent galley that provides cuisine that is very representative of the Northwest. Freshly caught fish is one of the specialities enjoyed by guests. With a well-stocked bar, guests are pampered as they absorb the natural beauty of the region.

Swimming is an integral part of any Kimberley cruise, mostly in spring-fed waterholes that are located well away from the habitats of the estuarine, or saltwater, crocodiles which are best seen from afar.

From July until September, you can view humpback whales who have travelled there from Antarctica. Guests can also view dolphins, dugongs, turtles and sea snakes in their natural environments.

A cruise on Kimberley Quest is both an unforgettable and emotional experience. Large cruise ships can’t get anywhere near to best coastal places, which makes a Kimberley Quest cruise extra special.

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