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Jordan and Beyond


Jordan and Beyond present to the world extraordinary adventure-based experiences with daily scheduled group tours delivered in five languages, English, Spanish, German, Italian and French, in addition to weekly adventure scheduled groups in English through 2021 & 2022.

Departing on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday of each week of the year, in all languages, with group tours packaged with durations between 5-11 days, Jordan and Beyond has something for every curious traveller.

With fifteen years of experience and a passion for serving, Jordan and Beyond offer more than two hundred private tours, suiting all styles and interest groups. These can all be found in various digital brochures in addition to the website, respecting green policies to reduce printing when possible.

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With big-named global partners all over the world having access to these digital brochures showcasing Jordan’s ancient history and modern-day lifestyle, Jordan and Beyond offers new and exhilarating tours to stimulate, educate and create lifetime memories for guests.

Jordan and Beyond Tours is the ideal partner to discover the wonders of the Middle East and has built a reputation by providing expert advice and the best value tours for individuals and group holiday packages.

Listening to what clients want, and then providing quality service, flexibility, and customer satisfaction guarantees that your experience with Jordan and Beyond Tours will be memorable and rewarding on every level.

With first-hand knowledge of Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon, Jordan and Beyond ensure visitors make the best choices and help with all aspects of travel coordination.

Jordan and Beyond look forward to welcoming you to Jordan and its neighbouring countries.

For more visit https://jordanandbeyond.com

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