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Gulf Travel Show So Real

The Gulf Travel Show was held in Dubai on the 23rd and 24th of November, with great success.

Normally these type events gather together hundreds of exhibitors, buyers and media, and the Gulf Travel Show did create a lot of interest, with many people visiting online.

San Jeet, the Founder and CEO of DDP Publications organised the event.  I asked him the coronavirus pandemic had thrown plans for a Gulf Travel Show into disarray, but he told me that it was because of coronavirus that drove his plan to stage the event.

Mr Jeet compared the coronavirus to a world war saying that “The coronavirus affected every country, and every nation is trying to save its people.”

He said that the travel industry was on its knees because of coronavirus. Mr Jeet said “We don’t want travel people to lose connections with their counterparts in other countries.”

Hence, his concept for the Gulf Travel Show, to keep people in touch with one and other.

From the point of view of a participant, it was a great experience to meet with people socially online,

There was ease in making appointments, and the ability to browse through the exhibitors virtually, just as you would do if you had a physical presence there.

The enthusiasm of the travel industry people that I met was very enticing, and there was a camaraderie among the participants. News that several vaccines were almost ready to be released gave participants hope that international travel may at last make a comeback.

San Jeet has envisaged a brilliant idea. One, that I’m sure, will be here to stay.

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