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Game of Thrones Studio Tour Belfast

Image: Game of Thrones Studio Tour

Game of Thrones is, arguably, one of the finest and most popular television shows ever produced.

Now, the Game of Thrones Studio Tour has opened in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Located at one of the acclaimed series’ original filming locations at Linen Mill Studios in Banbridge, Northern Ireland, Game of Thrones Studio Tour takes fans closer to the Seven Kingdoms than ever before. Guests can step inside the iconic Great Hall at Winterfell where Jon Snow was proclaimed the “King in the North,” see Daenerys Targaryen’s imposing Dragonstone throne, delve into the incredible props, weaponry and visual effects of Game of Thrones and learn more about the skills and craftsmanship that helped bring the show from script to screen. The immersive experience brings Westeros to life and will evoke the show’s epic scale — from King’s Landing, Winterfell, Dragonstone, The Wall and the lands beyond.

This marks a first for Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment to launch a world-class attraction in Northern Ireland where fans can explore, up close and personal, a vast array of authentic sets, as well as a comprehensive collection of costumes, props, set pieces, and so much more.

Already, one in six visitors to Northern Ireland participate in a Game of Thrones location tour, so the new studio tour has the scope to increase interest in Game of Thrones tourism there.

HBO’s Game of Thrones aired in more than 200 countries and territories, culminating in record-setting ratings. 

Image: Game of Thrones Studio Tour

Most of the tour guides at the new attraction actually worked as extras on the show, and they are pleased to share their insights and stories about how the series was filmed.

Visitors have the opportunity to take a step back to the very beginning, to a time when the show’s visionary artisans used the written word of George R.R. Martin to bring the world of Westeros to life.

The detail of the sets, the costumes, the prosthetic makeup, the weapons and armour was fastidious. Those and the way many of the special effects, such as dragons in battle, were created will give fans of the show new insight into the amazing transformation from a page to reality and will give non-Games fans an excellent insight into the love and care that went into making such a ground-breaking TV series.

The Game of Thrones Studio Tour will surely entice many people to enjoy a visit to Belfast.

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