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Frontiers North Polar Bear Tours

Image: Travel Manitoba

Frontiers North Adventures is a family-owned and operated business that has been specializing in adventures to Canada’s North for 30+ years. Their programs are designed for guests with specific interests in experiential travel, photography, wildlife, culture and adventure. 

They host guests primarily in and around the subarctic community of Churchill, Manitoba to dine beneath the northern lights, sing alongside beluga whales and lock eyes with wild polar bears. Their unique itineraries and programs are designed to deliver meaningful experiences to small groups of guests with specific interests in wildlife, photography and experiential adventure travel. 

Located on the western shore of the massive Hudson Bay at the mouth of the Churchill River on the 58th parallel north, far above most Canadian populated areas. It is most famous for the many polar bears that move toward the shore from inland in the autumn, leading to the nickname “Polar Bear Capital of the World”.

Like all northern communities in Canada, Churchill can sometimes see the aurora borealis (Northern Lights) when there is a high amount of solar activity. Visibility also depends on the sky being dark enough to see them, which usually precludes their visibility in the summer due to twilight all night long.

Image: Travel Manitoba

Polar bears were once thought to be solitary animals that would avoid contact with other bears except for mating. In the Churchill region, however, many alliances between bears are made in the fall. These friendships last only until the ice forms, then it is every bear for itself to hunt ringed seals

Tourists can safely view polar bears from specially modified vehicles built to navigate the tundra terrain. Utilizing a set of trails created by the Canadian and US military, responsible tour operators are granted permits to access these trails for wildlife viewing. Staying on these established trails ensures no further damage is done to the tundra ecosystem. October and early November are the most feasible times to see polar bears, thousands of which wait on the vast peninsula until the water freezes on Hudson Bay so they can return to hunt their primary food source, ringed seals.

Thousands of beluga whales, which move into the warmer waters of the Churchill River estuary during July and August to calf, are a major summer attraction.

Frontiers North operates all year round and look after their guests wonderfully well. For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, Frontiers North will take you on a wonderful and unforgettable adventure.

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