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Dark sky project

Nothing beats looking up into the night skies and wondering what lies beyond our Earth – and imagining the stars and planets, otherworldly life and time travel for hundreds of years. As kids, we are taught to look up and enjoy the stars and moon, but what we can see with the naked eye is simply the beginning.

Astro tourism and stargazing now has a new home, on a mountain top, in a small lakeside town of Tekapo, in the pristine central region of the south island of New Zealand, just under 3 hours drive from Christchurch.

Here guests can undertake an ultimate mountain top stargazing experience at the world-renowned astronomical centre – UC Mt John Observatory, with expert guides sharing the science and stories of the southern hemisphere’s skies, supported by sophisticated viewing technologies. Kids from 5 years can join their families using a 16” optical telescope, during the evening for 1.5 hours – from Thursday to Monday.

The Dark Sky Experience takes guests on a 45-minute journey through 13.8 billion years in the making, in an indoor daytime show, incorporating science, Maori heritage and multi-media installations, creating a superb “Big Bang.”  Educational and entertaining it is a must-see for anyone fascinated by our dark skies and their secrets. Thursday-Monday from 1030-1545.

The Details

Dark Sky Project at 1 Motuariki Lane, Lake Tekapo 7999, New Zealand

Phone: +64 36806960

Email: [email protected]

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