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Selena Oh

Following a long career with some of the most distinguished hotel and tourism brands, Selena is now an independent consummate marketing/communications consultant as well as a freelance travel writer. While she relishes the joys and challenges of extraordinary adventures, she also enjoys sipping gin cocktails in the trendy bars of Singapore to hot chai on the grungy streets of Mumbai. From swimming with whale sharks in Exmouth to stalking gypsies in Romania, she has acquired an insatiable curiosity for what makes people and places tick. Her wanderlust days are from over and she has ‘miles to go’ before she sleeps. Selena is also the recipient of the ASEANTA Best Travel Article Award 2019 for her story on ‘Heritage is Serious Business in Luang Prabang’.

Destination Dining in the Air

A short drive along a winding road takes visitors to Mount Faber peak, home to the Singapore Cable Car station. One of the oldest parks in Singapore, Mount Faber is covered in lush rainforest and stands nearly 100m above ground. Opened in 1974, the Singapore Cable Car connects Mount Faber on mainland Singapore to the resort island of Sentosa. Formerly named Telok...

Very nice, Kazakhstan!

When the invitation to visit Kazakhstan was floated to me, I was intrigued. Bucolic images of stark deserts, mountainous vistas, wild horses and nomadic living came to mind. It was to be more than that, much to my pleasant surprise. Kazakhstan is the largest of the five ‘stans’, the other four being Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. ALMATY, OLD...

8 Fun Things to do in Honolulu

Aloha! A typical greeting heard all over the Hawaiian islands! The aloha spirit is one of love and affection. Thanks to the popular TV program Hawaii 5-0, Magnum PI and countless other movies shot in the fabled islands, Hawaii exudes a timeless appeal. And of course, it’s known for its most famous son, former President Barack Obama.  Here are 8 fun things to do...