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A resident’s view of Paris

Photo: Olivia Rutherford

Ruby Boukabou is an Australian woman who has lived part of each year in Paris for quite some time. Ruby is absolutely enchanted with the city she fell in love with.

In this podcast, Ruby talks about this magical city from a resident’s perspective. She tells us about her favourite places. The café and nightclub life. About how tap dancing can introduce you to new friends.

Mostly, Ruby talks about why she feels so at home in Paris; about how Paris is such a walkable city, and why each walk reveals a new surprise.

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She describes what it is like to live in Paris, and how seriously Parisians take their food and culture.

Paris is a city like no other. It has a fascinating history and is imbued with style. It’s a romantic city that’s filled with charm and beauty. Ruby’s guide through Paris doesn’t take us to that city’s famous iconic places. Instead, we discover its parks, its laneways, the joy of living there.

Photo: Ruby Boukabou

 We stay well away from the tourist trail and learn about a Paris that only locals know.

Ruby Boukabou is an author, entertainer, TV presenter who enjoys life.  Her latest book is called `The Architecture Lover’s Guide to Paris’ which reveals the everyday style of Paris: Its park benches, statues and facades.  Ruby reminds us that Paris is a city that is over 2,000 years old and that architecture from every period is still represented there.

When you hear Ruby talk about her adopted city, you feel the need to visit. She is the best guide you can have.

Learn more about Paris here: https://en.parisinfo.com/

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